Stock Update: HTC One 32gb Silver and Black

Stock Update: 13th May 2015

HTC One Silver we are expecting a batch Wednesday 15th May which should cover orders up until 3rd April. However we are also expecting further stock end of this week and the following week.

Expecting further stock of the HTC One 32gb Black Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th May which should cover all back orders and put the HTC One 32gb Black into stock.

Should you wish to make any changes to your order please email customer services upon the email address below –


Handtec apologise for any inconvenience caused and sincerely appreciate your continued patience with this product launch.



Stock Update 1st May 2013:

We are expecting stock later today to fulfill all current back orders for the HTC One 32gb Black.

We will be dispatching all orders for the Black version on a first come basis, please expect tracking information by 6pm tomorrow.

HTC One 32gb Silver we are still awaiting further info, we will update the product page as soon as we get any further information.