Slide To Unlock The New Apple iOS 7 Coming This Autumn

The New Apple iOS 7 Coming This Autumn



At its annual event, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple unveiled its new Operating System – the iOS 7.
Unlike its gadgets which get a frequent makeover, the operating system that runs the devices such as iPads and iPhones has had a long-due makeover – after 6 years!

Though the operating system is yet to be launched this fall, from the looks of it the makeover has been thorough. It appears brighter, sharper, simpler, yet more modern. There’s a new colour scheme, the typography is sleeker, the icons flatter and the overall look – more polished.

It is evident by the brand new look of the iOS 7 Apple has let go of the imitation of real-world objects for user interface. The new look is cleaner, smarter and appears just what it is – a smartphone’s smart user-interface.

But the makeover of Apple’s iOS 7 is not superficial. Apple cares for the user, and therefore, the changes to new iOS 7 mean changes to the way your Apple device will function. Notable changes are:

  • Access to commonly used functions via the new Control Centre.
  • There is also the refurbished Notification Centre
  • ‘Air Drop’ is also featured so it is easier to share documents between iOS devices
  • A new Photos app that organizes photos according to moments.
  • An updated feature causing a lot of buzz is the new and improved ‘Siri’ – with the option to opt for a male voice for Siri.
  • There is also protection against theft called the ‘activation lock’ that prevents thieves from reactivating the device.

Apart from these changes, there are features such as the blocking of calls, texts and Face Time from specific numbers. The much-rumoured iTunes Radio – the streaming music service – has also finally made its appearance with the new iOS 7.

The new iOS 7 will be available for usage later this year and is, without doubt, one of the most anticipated launches of the tech world.
Amongst the (few) grievances aimed at Apple is the inability to customise your device’s “desktop” to your liking. But there will be concern for users with older devices – not all devices are created equal. Following is a table (courtesy of GSMArena) that breaks down features corresponding to the devices:


Updated Siri iTunes Radio AirDrop Panorama Square photos Camera filters Photo filters
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
iPhone 5
iPod Touch 5G
iPad 2
iPad 3
iPad 4
iPad Mini