Pre-Order Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ 32gb/64gb (SIM Free/Unlocked) Exp Release End Of August 2015

Pre-Order Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Plus) 32GB/64GB – Gold Platinum/ Black Sapphire
(SM-G928F, SIM Free/Unlocked)

Expected Release End Of August 2015

samsung_galaxy_s6Samsung created the first dual-edge display in a need to create something innovative. This proved to be a ground for the creation of the elegant Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Plus) 64GB.

Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Plus) 64GB comes with a new and an even better look. The brilliant screen brings life to everything that you see. Look at the apps and people you care about on the S6 Edge + screen. Enjoy the view to the fullest with the larger dual edge display. The dual edge screen gives depth to your movies, breathes life into your games.

Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Plus) 64GB features a 5.7 inch Quad HD Super AMOLED dual edge display. Even with this large display it is light weight and breath takingly slimmer.

Its your Edge
Choose where the Edge handle goes so that you can conveniently and immediately access all the edge features any where.

Assign to your Favourites
Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Plus) 32GB allows you to assign colours and places on People Edge to your five contact. Swipe inwards from the Edge Handle to reach out to your favourite contacts.

Use more than words to Communicate
Use more than words to communicate with your contacts. When words are not enough, the OnCircle gives you options like sending emoji or poking your Edge contacts in ways that count.

Short cuts at the EDGE
Use the Edge as a home to your five most frequently used apps. Create short cuts to your favourite apps so that they can be right at your finger tips.


Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Plus) 32GB is designed keeping in mind how important music is for you. Your S6 Edge Plus has good sound quality. Moreover, your videos will be of such high quality that you would want to share them with the world. Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + is equipped with a 4GB RAM and a Quad HD Super AMOLED so that you have no difficulty streaming videos, viewing and sharing them.

Good Gaming Experience
Enjoy the realistic gaming experience with the QUAD HD Super AMOLED dual edge display. The 4GB RAM makes gaming easy and a seamless experience.

Share the Fun
Share celebrations by capturing them from your Edge Camera and sharing them as a Live Broadcast.

The Combination for Steady Footage
Video Digital Imaging Stabilization combines with Optical Image Stabilization so that you do not have to experience any more shaky videos. Always have clear and steady footage.

Charge your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Plus) 64GB without having any strings attached. Your S6 Edge Plus will charge in 120 minutes.

Power On
Keep going with minimum interruptions even when battery is low. Stream videos and play games uninterrupted. Charging with cables is extremely fast.It takes only 90 minutes for the battery to go from zero to full.

Options to Power
When it comes to charging accessories your S6 Edge plus has one for every moment. Whether it is streaming videos, going for a run or partying on a Saturday night.

Four Stories one collage
Turn on the collage mode and capture the good times with friends and family. Shoot four different video clips and combine them into one video collage.

The camera of your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Plus) 64GB is upgraded to match the greatest quality. We want to take pictures everyday and save the memories of our friend’s gatherings.

View the world in a completely different light by shooting 4K/UHD video. You will have everything in crisp detail in the 4K video of your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + (Plus).

Rear Camera Features:

16MP / F1.9
Smart OIS / VDIS
Auto real-time HDR
Spread Smiles
No party and gathering is complete without selfies. With the Advanced Selfie technology and a host of great filters that highlights all your best features, each shot turns out ot be better than the one before.

Highlight all the Fun
With the Auto real-time HDR in your camera for photos and videos, you can capture all the fun in good times by using different exposure levels for different areas of the image. The 16 mega pixel rear camera ensures all the images are of high quality.

Slow motion – Speed Control
Slow things down with the speed control feature. Capture in slow motion and have full control of the situation.