Pre-Order Now BlackBerry Leap 16GB Smartphone – Black (SIM Free/Unlocked) Exp 29th April 2015

Pre-Order BlackBerry Leap 16GB Smartphone – Black (SIM Free/Unlocked)

Expected Release 29th April 2015


Buy the new BlackBerry Leap 16GB Smartphone and get the power to succeed. Your BlackBerry Leap 16GB Smartphone comes with a 5-Inch display so that you can enjoy the large screen. Moreover, your BlackBerry Leap 16GB Smartphone features a 16GB internal storage and an 8 megapixel camera so that you can take high quality images.

Operating System
Your BlackBerry Leap 16GB Smartphone comes with the BlackBerry 10 operating system. It is designed to keep you productive and on top of what is important.

High Security
We live in a world where privacy is a big concern. Your information is just one mis-step away from going public. Your BlackBerry Leap 16GB Smartphone was designed keeping in mind your security concerns. It is equipped with support for encryption, plus built in malware protection and back up, wipe and restore. This all is designed to give you control to the next embarrassing and potentially costly cyber attack.

The Best-BlackBerry Keyboard
Your BlackBerry keyboard offers a effortless typing experience. It also offers you personalised next word suggestions, which you can simply use into your messages. Type fast on the touch screen keyboard that learns how to write.

Extended Battery life
Your BlackBerry Leap 16GB Smartphone has a 25 hours of battery life with heavy use. Your BlackBerry Leap 16GB Smartphone will power through even the most demanding days. BlackBerry Leap understands that you do not live 9-5, you are the all day all night type.

The BlackBerry Hub
With the BlackBerry Hub you can now experience the inbox Zen. With an easy to manage view, messages from your personal as well as professional roles like BBM, text, email and social media will appear on your 5-Inch large display.

Voice and Text Commands
Manage your emails, contacts, calender and other features using voice or text commands with the BlackBerry Assistant. With your BlackBerry Assistant, you can execute your important tasks anywhere whether at you desk, in your car or in a meeting.

Fast Web Browsing
Experience fast browsing on your BlackBerry Leap 16GB Smartphone on the large 5 inch display. The BlackBerry 10 browser is fast and beautiful. Access you favourite online content and services faster than ever, with unlimited browser tabs.

Charge your productivity with the BlackBerry Leap 16GB Smartphone. Share with speed, control and privacy that is not offered by other IM devices. Chat face to face with BBM video or have real conversations with friends and collegues on iPhone, Android or windows phone. And with BBM Meetings, you can schedule, host and participate in meetings easily, with enhanced collaboration features.

BlackBerry Blend
The BlackBerry blend brings content on your smartphone to your computer and tablet. Access your personal messages, work, calender, contacts and media in real time on any device. When you are at work respond to your BBM messages on your computer or tablet.

Your BlackBerry Leap 16GB Smartphone offers you great apps for work such as Box, Evernote, Cisco, WebEx Meetings and Docs to Go through BlackBerry. Also the essential social apps such as facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. With the preloaded Amazon app store, also download Pintrest, Soundcloud.

BlackBerry Leap – The best professional tool
The BlackBerry Leap is the best business tool for those who strive for success everyday. It provides superior productivity, ultimate security, privacy and effective communication.