Pre-Order HTC Fetch BLE Navigation Tag (BL A100) “Fast And Easy Find What Matters”

Buy HTC Fetch BLE Navigation Tag (BL A100)

Fast And Easy Find What Really Matters

First stock expected September 2013 will update when we get exact date


Insurance Scenario – Theft
Be quickly aware if you HTC phone is move out of range of your HTC Fetch when the audible alert sounds – no thief wants a loudly ringing phone in their hand!

Main Features:

  •  Protect your phone
  •  Be quickly alerted when your phone moves out of range
  •  Reduces likelihood of losing your phone
  •  Makes it harder to steal
  •  Protect against theft bill-shock
  •  Compact and portable
  •  6 month battery lifetime (with removable CR2032 battery)
  •  Bluetooth 4.0
  •  Audible notification

Technical Specification:

  •  Audible alert for notification
  •  Bluetooth 4.0
  •  Up to 3 Fetch to be connected to your phone
  •  Working range 15m
  •  Signal strength indicator
  •  6 month battery lifetime (CR2032 replaceable battery)
  •  Multifunction button

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