Pre-Order BlackBerry Classic Smartphone – Black (SIM Free/Unlocked)

Pre-Order BlackBerry Classic Smartphone – Black (SIM Free/Unlocked)

First Stock Expected Week Commencing 29th December 2014 



The highlighting features of the new BlackBerry Classic is the “Menu,””Back,””Send” and “End” buttons and the track-pad. The new BlackBerry Classic Smart Phone features the QWERTY keyboard designed for the ultimate typing experience.

The 3.5 Inch large touch screen would give you an excellent viewing experience. The materials used to craft the BlackBerry Classic are premium and offer reliability and durability.

Main Features:

  • Keyboard and navigation keys designed for optimal speed and accuracy
  • Large square touch screen
  • Amazingly fast and astoundingly beautiful web browsing
  • A battery that powers through
  • Ability to install Android and BlackBerry apps

Messages in one place
Manage all your conversations – emails, texts, BBMs and social media messages via the BlackBerry Hub. The instant action feature allows you to arrange and action our inbox
without having to go to individual messages separately.

Battery Life
The large battery of the BlackBerry Classic provides you with a longer battery life. Now use your BlackBerry Classic without the worry of battery drainage.

What is BlackBerry Classic?
BlackBerry® Classic is a new smartphone that builds upon the extremely successful and iconic BlackBerry® heritage. Our loyal customers asked us for a very specific phone and we answered with BlackBerry Classic: a familiar design inclusive of the beloved classic navigation keys and physical keyboard, with the speed and powerful performance of BlackBerry® 10. True to its heritage, the BlackBerry Classic is built for ultimate reliability and durability, with high-quality materials and finishes, designed to provide optimal grip and better protection from impact. The BlackBerry® Classic is built with a purpose – delivering on quality and productivity that fits neatly in your pocket. Please stay tuned for more details when BlackBerry announces it all on December 17th.

What differentiates BlackBerry Classic from the BlackBerry 10 product line up?
BlackBerry® Classic merges the speed and performance of BlackBerry® 10, with the familiar and classic navigation keys you know and love. Navigate with confidence using the optical track pad, menu and back buttons, or answer, start and end phone calls with the dedicated phone buttons.

BlackBerry Classic is designed from the ground up to meet the needs of productive people who appreciate the speed and accuracy that can only be found with a physical QWERTY keyboard. The BlackBerry Classic is a user-friendly, incredibly powerful, communications tool for mobile professionals and stands out from the BlackBerry 10 as the productive device of choice for business users. Please stay tuned for more details when BlackBerry announces it all on December 17th.

What version of the BlackBerry OS will BlackBerry Classic run?
BlackBerry Classic is planned to run on the latest version of BlackBerry OS 10.3.1.

What applications will BlackBerry Classic have access to?
More Ways to Access Apps – Discover and purchase your favorite content for work and play through BlackBerry World and the Amazon Appstore. Access great business and productivity apps through BlackBerry World and the latest Android games and apps through the Amazon Appstore.

Tech Spec:

  • LTE : 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20
  • HSPA+ : 1, 2, 5/6, 8
  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)

NOTE: This device requires a nano SIM card.