Order Now! Lumee Apple iPhone Lighted Case from £35.75 (£42.90 inc VAT)

Lumee Apple iPhone Lighted Case

From £35.75 (£42.90 inc VAT)

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Handtec offers the iconic Lumee lighted case for your Apple iPhone 6/6S. Enjoy the Lumee case as it brings to you the first ever case of its kind. The case features LED lighting on both sides that will illuminate your Apple iPhone 6/6S. You can enjoy using this case while taking selfies with the perfect lighting.The LED lights makes this case suitable for all occasions.

Your Lumee Apple iPhone 6/6S Lighted Case features incredible controls. The Dimmer switch on the back of your case will allow you to turn the lights on and off and well as adjust the brightness to your preference!

The Rechargeable Case
Your Lumee Lighted Case will be required to charge so that it can twinkle all day. The case comes with a rechargeable battery and a charging cord. The battery on your Lumee case works independently from your smartphone, so it doesn’t drain your phone battery when you use it! The battery on your Lumee Lighted case is designed to last you a long time so that you can enjoy hours of use!

The Lumee case is made to be tough. It is an impact resistant plastic case that completely protects your Apple iPhone. It is easy to snap on and off your device and keeps it safe from scratches, scuffs and scrapes. With this amazingly vibrant case you will not have to worry about the protection of your Apple iPhone. Enjoy a perfect light that makes your Apple iPhone different from the others.

Cut outs for ports and features
Your Lumee Lighted Case features special cut outs for ports and features. You will not need to remove the case to charge the phone or use the camera. The respective cut outs will allow you to use the phone with all its features without having to remove the case.

Main Features:

  • The case features adjustable LED lighting on both sides
  • The case requires charging to make the lights work
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery and charging cord
  • It is made using tough and resistant plastic
  • It offers complete protection to your smartphone
  • Cut outs for ports and features

Over all, here at Handtec we love the Lumee Lighted Case! You won’t have to compromise on style while keeping your phone perfectly protected and getting the perfect lighting we all want for selfies! Get yours at Handtec now, don’t miss out!