New Low Price On Sony Xperia Z3+ 32GB Smartphone + Free Sony Car Charger – Black And White (E6553, SIM Free/Unlocked)

In-Stock Sony Xperia Z3+ 32GB Smartphone + Free Sony Xperia Car Charger – Black  And White
(E6553, SIM Free/Unlocked)

Now From Only £349.99 (Inc vat £419.99)

xperia-z3-plus-gallery-4-1280x840-a85b3cdab30b9ae5fe19f15564eed5b8Timeless Design
The Sony Xperia Z3+ is made using an aluminium frame and durable long lasting tempered glass panels. It weighs just 144 grams and is light weight and slim. The slim design makes it comfortable to hold. It is offered in four colours from which you can choose to match your style.

The Z3+ – A new side of slim
Buy the Sony Xperia Z3+ from Handtec and discover the slimmer side of Sony. Your Sony Xperia Z3+ 32GB Smartphone is only 6.9mm slim. It is incredibly lightweight and convenient to hold.

Your Sony Xperia Z3+ 32GB Smartphone has a dust and waterproof rating of IP65/IP68. It is dust resistant and water proof. When it comes in contact with water all its covers should be firmly closed. Moreover the phone cannot be taken into water deeper than 1.5 metres and not more than half an hour.

Functional in all weather conditions
No matter what kind of day it is, your Sony Xperia Z3+ 32GB Smartphone will remain functional. With a waterproof design and an IP65/IP68 rating you can use your Z3+ even while its raining. Moreover, dust, slips in water and spills are not an issue.

Perfect Picture in any setting
The camera of your Sony Xperia Z3+ 32GB Smartphone will work in any setting and at any time. Be it day or night or even when the sun is behind the object your images will appear clear and sharp due to the best camera technology by Sony. Your Sony Xperia Z3+ 32GB Smartphone features a 20.7 mega pixel camera to enable you to take high quality sharp images with crisp detail. To perform better in low light conditions it has a larger Exmor RS sensor than most smartphones. With the ISO 12800 your Xperia Z3+ becomes more sensitive to light allowing you to capture better shots even in low light conditions.

Your Xperia Z3+ has a 5.1 mega pixel front camera. With Sony’s innovative technology they have designed a wide angle front camera. You can enable superior auto and SteadyShot with intelligent active mode. As a result you will have sharper selfies, steady front camera videos and if you want to fit a big group of people into the picture frame, take a group selfie, how convenient!

HD Video Recording
You can capture everything in 4K high resolution video with your Sony Xperia Z3+. It is four times more detailed than a full HD 1080p video. The 4K video gives you more detail and sharpness. Your Z3+ supports 4K resolution and play back on 4K TV or a projector using the 3.0 connector.

Creative Camera Apps for Main and Front Camera
There is a range of fun camera apps apart from the camera apps that come pre-installed in your Xperia Z3+. From time to time new apps are being released and they can be downloaded via the existing camera app on your smartphone.

Incredible Battery Life
Now have 2 days of power with your Sony Xperia Z3+. Skip the charge, receive directions at midnight or watch your favourite TV show. Now do more than ever with every charge. You can listen to 91 hours of music on your Xperia Z3+.

Extended Standby Mode
Switch on the extended standby mode and make your battery lasts 4 times longer. With this mode, your apps and functions will be spontaneously turned off when the display is not being used. However, you will still receive calls, texts, alarms and notifications from the apps you want. By simply pressing the power button, the mode changes to normal and everything is running up again.

Extended usage mode
With the Extended Usage Mode gain more usage time when the battery is low. With this mode the performance of your Z3+ is adjusted to minimise battery drain.

The Ultra Stamina Mode
At times you find yourself in situations where you are low on battery and there is no charger near by. In such situations the Ultra Stamina Mode will be your companion limiting the smartphone to only the core functions such as texts and calls. It is like a reserve tank that lets you drive for an entire week without having to charge your smartphone everytime.

With your Xperia Z3+, the fast is n’t fast enough. Your Z3+ smartphone features one of the fastest processors in the industry for powerful and lag free performance. It features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor with integrated LTE and 64-bit Octacore CPU for a fast performance. Reach 50% faster wifi speed than before with your Z3+. This would lead to an increased speed in file transfer and faster media streaming.