New In-Stock Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 (T555N, T550N) Black And White

New In-Stock Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Black And White

White_TabA9_KeepDevicesInSyncSamsung Sync
The Samsung SideSync 3.0 and the feature of Quick Connect allows you to share stuff among other Samsung devices like tablet, smartphone and PC with ease. This provision enables you to keep all your Samsung devices connect to same data simultaneously.

With the provision of opening two application side by side you can easily multi-task on both applications altogether without going through the trouble of switching between the applications. This feature enables you to effectively utilize the large display of your tablet by working on more stuff, faster.

Kids Mode
Kids Mode provides restricted access to the tablet for kids and parents get their peace of mind knowing their kids will have access to just appropriate stuff (according to their age) while using the tablet. In addition to this, kids get an attractive and colourful themed display which keeps kids involved and entertained. You can further alter the access for kids as well, while keeping your personal data safe and inaccessible.

White_TabA9_Do2ThingsAtOnceBusiness Partner
Click on the Microsoft Office icon and download MS Office, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint from the Galaxy Apps. This allows you to create and/or edit your documents on the go. Take your office with you wherever you go. You can work on the same documents from any device without losing the data and/or formatting of the document. Furthermore, you get a complementary 100GB space with Microsoft OneDrive for the duration for 2 years.

Stay Connected
Now you can stay connected to the internet all the time. Just insert the 4G/LTE enabled SIM and move around while keeping yourself connected to the world all the time. This tablet offers blazing fast 4G/LTE speed. Enjoy online music, video, surf internet or play online games uninterrupted on the go with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

Multi User Mode
This tablet comes with the provision of Multi User Login, which enables you to get access to the personalized settings every time you log in. You do not have to hesitate sharing your tab with other, knowing that your information would not be accessible to others.

This light weight tablet is designed for you to enjoy extensive use without burdening your hands. The comfortable and effective touch on this tablet brings a superlative browsing experience for you.

The built-in high quality front and rear cameras on this Samsung Galaxy Tab A, allows you to capture and preserve your real life moment with your family and friends to cherish for years. Furthermore, the continuous shooting mode enables you to capture all the action in less time. With enhanced front and rear cameras on the Galaxy Tab A, you’ll never miss any shareable moments. You can easily switch between both cameras as required.

Easy Share
Samsung Smart Switch enables you to share contacts, music, media file along with other documents easily to and from your Mac or PC anytime.

Ultra Power Saving Mode
When your tablet is running low on battery the Ultra Power Saving Mode gets activated, and turns off all unnecessary application and optimize accordingly to ensure maximum duration on the remaining charge in the battery.

Explore More
This smart tablet comes with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) operating system which brings along lots of advancements and customizable experiences for you to be entertained. Moreover, you can download any application you need or desire by browsing through the database of 13.1 Million applications available online at the Google Play store.

MiscroSD Card Provision
The Samsung Galaxy Tab A supports microSD card which allows you to further increase tablet’s memory up to 128GB. Now you can have instant access to your favourite music, videos, clips and documents anywhere anytime despite not having access to the internet.

Milk Music
Milk Music allows all Samsung Galaxy users to have access to the latest music of their choice, free of cost. Surf the music station to look for your favourite tracks without experience any lag while playing it with ease through interactive dial navigation. Furthermore, you can customize the dashboard in a way that you get your favourite stuff right in front of you as you access.