New In-Stock Homido Mini Virtual Reality VR Glasses for Smartphone From Only £19.99 (inc vat £23.99)

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Simply Elegant
Handtec offers Homido Mini is a pair of folding VR glasses that clips to just about any smartphone. It is an ingenious solution to the problems of bulk and dork. The Mini is elegant simplicity, just a solid plastic frame with lenses that fold together for easy transport and apart for VR viewing. Just slide the clip down the center of your phone and you’re ready to queue up your favorite apps, games and whatever you desire. It promises an easy access to the screen, meaning you do not have to remove and open up your headset every time you need to tap an onscreen menu or switch apps. Perhaps best of all, it works as promised.

Main Features:

  • A Concentrate of VR
  • Custom-made lenses
  • Foldable
  • Hundreds of compatible apps available (see Homido Center)
  • Enjoy 360° videos, 3D content, Youtube and more
  • Colour – Black/Silver (HOMINI)

Practically Productive
The small pair of magnifying lenses is mounted within a thick, durable plastic frame. Simple hinges and a toothed gear system allow the lenses to fold in/out smoothly, holding their position securely until you push them back. Rest assured that the Homido Mini can withstand some rough handling in pockets and survive even the frequent drop. The worst that could happen in all probability would be a scratch on the lens. Vertically bisecting the Homido Mini’s lenses is the main body, which incorporates a semi-flexible clip that goes over the edge of a smartphone for viewing. The part that touches the screen is lined with rubber to maintain hold/friction, so long as there is sufficient thickness.

Technical Specifications:

General Features:

  • IPD adjustable – no
  • Lens adjustable – no
  • Controller – no
  • Cardboard v2 button – no
  • Head-strap – no

What’s in the Package:

  • Homido Mini Virtual Reality Headset (HOMINI)

Compatible with:

  • Smartphones