Motorola Moto X Is Only Being Released In The USA

Motorola Moto X is only being released in the USA

Update 02/08/2013: Forgot to mention also available in Canada and Latin America

Motorola a Google company will not be releasing the Moto X here in the UK or anywhere apart from the USA. The phone will be born in the USA and yes you would be able to choose certain elements of the phone. US buyers will be able to pick the colour of the handset as well as have a quote engraved at its back.

So we have to sit back and wait and see if Motorola a Google Company will release a global handset for the rest of us this year surely they have not forgotten about us. Was looking forward to getting our hands on the phone which was rumoured to have a always listening feature (Listens to commands even when phone is in standby mode and will recognise your voice) and this new flick of the wrist which opens up the camera app.


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