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parrot FlowerBuy the Parrot Smart Plant Monitor from Handtec. This product is designed by Parrot so that you can efficiently take care of your plants. The Parrot Smart Plant Monitor is designed to analyze the four essential parameters of your plant’s health.

Connects to your Smartphone
When ever your plant needs attention, your Flower Power will detect it and you will receive a notification on your smartphone or tablet. Your Flower Power uses bluetooth smart to connect with the Flower Power.

Care for your plants
The Parrot Smart Plant Monitor will inform you when you need water, add fertilizer or need to re-pot your plant.

Helps keep plants at their ideal temperature
In terms of temperature, the plants have different ranges. The sensor that measures temperature is called thermistor. Your Flower Power will help you keep each plant within the ideal range.

A database of over 7,000 plants
The Parrot Smart Plant Monitor allows you to look up the plant’s fact sheet to view photos, find out about its origin, basic needs and other tips.

Real-time chart plotting and log
With real time chart plotting your Smart Plant Monitor will show what happens when you water or move the plant so that you can find out more when viewing the log.

Planning Diary
With this diary you will be able to plan ahead on gardening by predicting when you need to water the plants over the next two weeks.