In-Stock LG G5 32GB, Pink (LGH850, SIM Free/Unlocked)

Buy LG G5 32GB, Pink (LGH850, SIM Free/Unlocked)

lg g5 pinkAll New Metal Design
The LG G5 32GB is the new flagship phone by LG. This beauty has been manufactured using metal and glass that combines together giving a smooth and sleek look to the device. This sleek design comes in a variety of colours. It features a comfortable design that is easy to hold.

Changeable Module
Your LG G5 32GB features a changeable module with a slide out battery.With your LG G5 you have all the options in the world to enjoy your smartphone.

Your LG G5 features a 16 MP camera. It also features a 135 degree wide angle camera, that will give you a wider view of your surroundings at a 8 megapixel resolution. With the wide angle mode you can capture the whole beach, a packed stadium concert or even the sprawling skyline.

Zoom in and Out
Your LG G5 allows you to zoom out ultra wide (0.5x). With this feature you can capture a variety of photos and videos. It can be a tight close up or a vast scene by simply pinching the screen.Pinch and see it all.

Pop-out Picture
Your smart and versatile LG G5 allows you to capture a standard and a wide angle picture at once. You can make the picture either pop or stand out against the 4 photo frame background effects. These effects include the fish-eye, Black and White, Vignette and lens blur. The shares
and uploads will be more likable than all the rest.

Daylight Mode
Your LG G5 under the day light mode makes the screen shine in the bright sunshine. It features an IPS Quantum display that is brighter, vivid and more clearer in the day light.

Always hit notifications
Have all the important stuff ready. Your thumb does not need to be used to hit the time, date and notifications. With your LG G5 you will have all the important stuff ready without straining your thumb.

Friends Manager
Interact and play with all the LG friends that you have as LG has a Friend’s Manager. Interact with all the friends, play with and control using your LG G5.