In-Stock HTC One A9 – Carbon Grey And Silver (SIM Free/Unlocked)

In-Stock HTC One A9 – Carbon Grey And Silver (SIM Free/Unlocked)
HTC-One-A9Buy the HTC One A9 from Handtec. It features a design that is worth imitating. It is a package that offers you complete performance be it photos, high resolution audio or video. Your HTC One A9 is an all rounder.


HTC has once again set a first all metal design. It features a super thin metal frame with an elegant finish. It also features a expandable SD slot and an edge to edge corning gorrilla glass that gives an added finish. Your A9 is also available in a range of vibrant and elegant colours so that you can choose the one that suits your personality the most.

Your HTC A9 features a 5 inch HD display. It is a 1080p energy efficient display which will help you get 40% more colour than the normal LCD screen and it is perfect for gaming and visible even in the bright day light.


Use the HTC One A9 to flaunt your photography skills. The camera of your A9 smartphone features the Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) so that you can take blur free images. Moreover, you can save image details for unsurpassed editing and creative control with RAW capture in Pro mode. For a dramatic effect with Hyper lapse you can speed up your videos up to 12x.

The Multimode Camera
With the HTC A9, you get a choice of Auto and Pro modes to capture the perfect photo. To capture fast and streamlined photos you can select the Auto mode. The shots are saved within 0.1 seconds from the time it is clicked. The Pro mode is used to set up the scene with settings and adjustments such as manual focus and exposure values.

The Pro Mode
In the Pro mode you can save photos using RAW capture. This is the option that most of the professional photographers prefer. This is because RAW keeps all the original data from your camera sensor, offering you greater flexibility using photo editing software.

The Front Camera
Capture better selfies as the front facing camera will help you capture 300% more light per pixel. Take better selfies even in low light.


Fast Charging
Now you do not need to spend a lot of time charging. Spend more time on the go. Your A9 features Qualcomm Quick charge 2,0 support so that your device charges within minutes rather than taking hours. With the HTC Rapid Charger 2.0 and in ten minutes you can get enough charging to listen to 7 hours of music.


High Quality Music
Your HTC One A9 features a built in DAC that converts 16 bit audio to 24 bit high resolution sound for richness and depth. You will experience the best sound quality in the market with the Dolby Audio Surround and the all new enhanced high output amplifier.

HTC sound synergy
The 20 years of sound engineering has been used in the HTC One A9. All the aspects ranging from the circuit board design to the placement of each electrical component is considered to reduce sound interference and minimize distortion.

Next Level audio
Your HTC A9 will deliver 24 bit high resolution sound with the Dolby audio Surround. It features built in DAC and high output amplifier. The high fidelity audio will help recognise the true potential.


Marshmallow Inside
Your HTC One A9 features the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The Marshmallow features Tap and Android Pay. You can unlock it with a tap of your finger. Now download films, music and images 2x faster and charge your A9 40% faster as it features the Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology

Fast Answers
Your HTC One A9 includes the latest of Android innovations from Google. With the A9 you can instantly get more information on whatever is on your screen with the Now on Tap. Now look up reviews for a movie from a text, hear a song mentioned in the blog post or reserve a table at the restaurant just by an email.Just tap the home button.