In-Stock Garmin NuviCam LMT-D – Europe (010-01378-04) From Only £242.90 (inc vat £291.48) Guides, Alerts, Assists

In-Stock Garmin NuviCam LMT-D – Europe(010-01378-04)

nuvicam-1Experience the new innovation in navigation with the new Garmin NuviCam LMT-D which comes with a built-in dash cam. This not only keep the record of your driving and surrounding but also come-in handy for much advanced assistance and awareness while driving.

This new Garmin NuviCam is beautifully crafted offering a 6 inches clear glass display along with the provision of pinch-to-zoom feature. Furthermore, this device comes with a magnetic mount which not only hold-on to your device ensuring safety and stability of the video but also keep your device charged while being on the move.

Preloaded Europe Maps
This Garmin NuviCam comes with preloaded maps for Europe, along with free lifetime updates as well. This mean that with this device you get access to latest Europe maps, notification, POIs and routes till the usable life of this device. You can download the latest updates for your maps without any subscription fee or charges whatsoever.

Traffic Solutions
Gamin offers the best in traffic solutions through its Advanced Digital Traffic Solution. This digital traffic is fast and free. You do not have to pay for any subscription fee or any charger for Digital Traffic till the usable life of your device. This feature of Digital Traffic will keep you updated with the traffic notification for interstates, highways and secondary roads.

Traffic Updates: The traffic updates are displayed on the side of the screen so that you do not get distracted while navigating. Ensuring further comfort and safety, you can have traffic notification spoken out for you and also this is voice-activated, that mean you may speak to your Garmin and it will navigate for you. Garmin NuviCam notifies you about the any expected road block or jams on your way along with the expected delay that could cause you. In addition to this, you will be notified about possible alternates as well, so that you could avoid the delay coming your way. Furthermore, this smart devices suggest you the fastest route you to reach the destination as quick as possible. All Digital traffic updates are delivered directly to your Garmin NuviCam LMT-D.

Built-in Dash Cam
With the new Garmin NuviCam, now you can drive anywhere with an eye witness in the form of you navigation device. This device keeps recording while you drive around anywhere, and in case of any impact, the device automatically saves the surveillance through detecting the collision supported by G-Sensor. This device saves the exact location of the place of incident for you to refer to later on. The lens of this NuviCam is adjustable for you to get the best result on the videos captured. The large 6 inches display of this device assists you to view the incident clearly again in case you might need to refer to it for better understanding of the incident. This device even shows the exact location of the incident on the map for you as well. You can play this video on to your TV and laptop as well, also you can get the stills out of the captured video using the snapshot feature. Furthermore, you can take the NuviCam out of your car to record the damage the incident caused to your car for record.


Key Features:

Large 6-inches display navigation device with built-in DashCam and driver awareness features.
Detailed map of Europe along with lifetime traffic details
G-Sensor detects the impacts and dash-cam saves the videos of future review
Collision warning alerts
Lane Departure Warning alerts.
Clear destination view with the Garmin Real Vision display