In-Stock Apple Ipad Mini With Retina Display

In-Stock Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display 16GB WiFi – Silver

In-Stock Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display 32GB WiFi – Silver

Beautiful 7.9-inch Retina display. The difference has never been clearer.


Every little bit as amazing.
The Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display is an incredible offering from Apple.  It comes with a stunning Retina display, has the Apple A7 processor, advanced wireless and powerful apps. All this is beautifully integrated with iOS 7 that complements the iPad mini’s stunning design.

7.9-inch Retina display. 4x the pixels. 1x the size.
The Retina display of the Apple iPad mini is packed with over 3.1 million pixels — a million more than an HDTV. This means the screen has a 2048×1536 resolution, four times the resolution of the previous-generation iPad mini. It is impossible to distinguish so many pixels packed in together, resulting in sharper, incredibly detailed text and images.

Thin and light design.
The iPad mini with Retina display has a lot of incredible features. Despite having a stunning Retina display, the incredibly powerful A7 chip, advanced wireless technologies and more, it’s still thin and light. The Apple Mini is just 7.5mm thin and weighs less than 350g. This means that while you are able to do so much more with the Apple iPad Mini, it will not weigh you down in any way

Incredible performance. Mini is even mightier.
The Apple iPad mini features Apple-designed A7 chip that brings 64-bit desktop-class architecture with it. The A7 chip means up to 4 times faster processing speed, and up to 8 times faster graphics performance. All this is combined with an attractive 10 hours battery life for ant tasks.1

A7 chip
The A7 chip empowers the Apple iPad Mini and bring to it new heights of power and speed. The inclusion of the A7 chip enables the apps to run faster, games are more responsive. In fact, everything you do with the Apple iPad mini is quicker. The Apple iPad Mini also supports OpenGL ES version 3.0, enabling detailed graphics and visual effects once possible only on desktop computers and games consoles. And the A7 chip features 64-bit architecture, opening the door for even more robust and powerful apps.

M7 motion coprocessor
The Apple iPad mini has been designed to be ultra portable. The M7 coprocessor featured on the Apple iPad Mini measures motion from your iPad mini by pulling data from the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. 

Same great battery life
Even though the Apple iPad mini gives up to four times performance speed as the previous version, it’s 10-hour battery life has not been compromised1. That’s because the A7 chip isn’t just more powerful, it’s also more efficient. So no matter where you take the Apple iPad mini, you’ll have the battery power to go even further.

Advanced wireless. Make better connections wherever you go.
The Apple iPad Mini features ultra-fast wireless that lets you access the things you love, such as your favourite books, apps and films straight from the Apple iPad mini. It enables you to stay in sync and in touch.

Ultra-fast Wi‑Fi
The Apple iPad mini gives you up to twice the Wi‑Fi performance thanks to two antennas and MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) technology. With dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) 802.11n Wi‑Fi and MIMO, download speeds can reach up to 300 Mbps. This is twice as much as the data rate of the previous-generation iPad mini. This makes downloading movies, sharing photos or documents with AirDrop, or simply browsing the web much faster.

App Store. Over 475,000 adventures await.
For anything and everything you do, there’s an Apple iPad app. Not only this, new ones are always being added in the App Store. Apple iPad apps are so much easier to use and love, because they aren’t just stretched-out phone apps. They have been specially made for the Apple iPad. They take advantage of every pixel on the Retina display and leverage technologies like the gyroscope, accelerometer and compass.


FaceTime and iSight cameras. A few new reasons to smile.

FaceTime HD camera
With FaceTime video calls on the Apple iPad mini, your conversations look better than ever. Make a video call over Wi‑Fi or a mobile network and see (or show) every expression on the beautiful display.4 The FaceTime HD camera of the Apple iPad mini features a next-generation backside illumination sensor with bigger pixels. This ensures that all your FaceTime chats, selfies and group Photo Booth shots are well-lit even in low-light situations. 

5MP iSight camera
The 5-megapixel iSight camera on the Apple iPad mini has been designed to help you capture all of life’s moments at a moment’s notice. Use you can the Retina display of the Apple iPad as an easy viewfinder to frame the perfect shot. It is even possible to quickly swipe between capturing stills or 1080p HD video. The image signal processor in the A7 chip works with the camera to make the necessary adjustments and deliver a great picture or video automatically.

iPad mini and iOS 7. Designed to bring out the best in each other.
Because iOS 7 was designed for the Apple iPad mini, everything not only looks beautiful, it runs beautifully. The iOS 7 introduces great new features, such as smarter multitasking, AirDrop and Control Centre. The things you do every day are even easier, faster and more enjoyable with the Apple iPad mini.

iCloud. Everything you need. Anywhere you need it.
iCloud keeps all your content synced across all your devices. It is seamlessly integrated with your devices, so you can start a Pages document on your Mac and finish polishing it on your Apple iPad mini. Even the pictures you shoot with your iPhone appear instantly on iPad mini via iCloud Photo Sharing. Or start watching a film on iPad mini on the train and pick up where you left off at home on your Apple TV.

Stream via AirPlay
AirPlay makes it possible to go from the small screen to the big one. You can wirelessly stream films from iTunes and all the great stuff on your Apple iPad mini to your HDTV via Apple TV. Turn on AirPlay Mirroring and show photos from your road trip, blast aliens with your friends or give a class presentation. You can even play DJ by streaming playlists from your Apple iPad mini to AirPlay-enabled speakers over Wi‑Fi.