HTC Puccini First Screenshots

HTC looking to go head on with the Ipad2 – lets hope its priced competitively.

Whats with the name – Puccini- was an Italian composer whose operas, including La bohème, Tosca, Madama Butterfly, and Turandot, are among the most frequently performed in the standard repertoire.[1][2] Some of his arias, such as “O mio babbino caro” from Gianni Schicchi, “Che gelida manina” from La bohème, and “Nessun dorma” from Turandot, have become part of popular culture.


“Here are a few screenshots from the upcoming 10-inch HTC Puccini tablet, expected to be one of the first LTE devices to launch as part of AT&T’s “true” 4G rollout. Unlike the last teaser images we saw, these show the 1.5GHz dual-core device running a Honeycomb build and loaded up with AT&T bloatware although, as the H+ icon indicates, not yet surfing the carrier’s nascent LTE waves.As far as imaging goes, there should be a front-facing webcam as well as a eight-megapixel rear shooter.HTC Puccini 3HTC Puccini 4We see that HTC has added a bit of its own iconagraphy to the OS, including a pen icon in the tray that seems to confirm the Scribe inclusion tipped by a recent BGR leak.HTC Puccini 5HTC is taking advantage of the 1280×800 resolution by tacking a number pad onto the keyboard; tabbed browsing also benefits from the increased real estate versus seven-inch models. With Puccini leaks starting to come at a fairly steady pace, we’d estimate that we’re about two to three months away from an official release — in other words, Puccini should almost surely be available for holiday shopping.HTC Puccini 2

via HTC Puccini for AT&T: First Screenshots.