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Works like nothing else:

Made to work like you, but with fewer coffee breaks.
Get productive, with a brilliantly large screen, the ability to multitask like a champion of multitasking, wireless printing to compatible HP printers, and thousands of apps from the App Catalog.2,6

Plus play games, download movies or TV shows, listen to music powered by Beats Audio™, and browse the same web you know and love with support for Adobe® Flash® player.1,2

TouchPad Features:

Size & weight: It’s small and light, yet absolutely huge.
The TouchPad measures 240mm(9.45″) wide by 190mm(7.48″) high by 13.7mm (0.54″ deep). It weighs in at approximately 740mm (that’s 1.6 pounds). So it’s the perfect size to contain the sum of all human knowledge. And still have room for movies, games, apps, websites, email, and just about anything else you can think of.1,2

webOS: Multifaceted. Multitalented.
Here’s an idea: Design a mobile OS from the ground up. So it does things no other OS can do. Like let you move back and forth seamlessly between multiple applications and activities.4 All in a way that feels natural.

With HP webOS you can search the web while writing email. Reply to a notification while scrolling through a playlist. Or update your Facebook® status just by starting to type.1 It’s so intuitive, you just think about what you want to do, not how you have to do it.Simple, yet brilliant: An OS that can do more than one thing at a time. Like you.

Processor: Think super fast.
It has a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core APQ8060 processor that gives you blazing speed4 and next-level multitasking. And graphics that will astound you.

Graphics: Um, like wow.
TouchPad comes with Qualcomm Adreno 220 core graphics capability. Your movies and games will seem ten times bigger and more real than the lightweight tablet you’re holding in your hands.

Entertainment: Get lost for hours at a time.
TouchPad is a device for entertainment and immersing yourself in gaming action. Transfer your favourite songs from your personal collection and take them to go. And listen to your music with amazing sound quality thanks to Beats Audio™. Beats Audio™ lets you hear everything the way it was meant to be heard. Plus, let’s see, there are Apps, including awesome games.2.

Display: Oooh pretty.
Front and centre on TouchPad is the 246mm (9.7-inch) diagonal, LED-backlit, glossy multitouch display with IPS wide viewing-angle technology. Which means you don’t have to be right in front of it to be blown away. Plus it has a special coating for easier cleaning and abrasion resistance. In other words, your eyes will be very happy and excited.

Camera: Seeing is believing.
TouchPad comes with an integrated webcam and digital microphone to enable video calling.1 So it isn’t just a passive device for seeing, but a rich tool for doing. Communicating. And inspiring interaction and creativity.

Wireless support: Go here, there, and just about anywhere.
The built-in Wi-Fi on TouchPad lets you send and receive email or access the Internet at work, home, and your favorite hotspot.1 Plus its Bluetooth® technology provides wireless short-range communication or connectivity. Get up, move around, go somewhere else–your wireless world goes with you.

Power: Isn’t electricity beautiful?
TouchPad comes with a rechargeable battery that gives you up to approximately 8 hours of web browsing over Wi-Fi.5

Sensors: You move, it moves with you.
Like a really good dance partner, the TouchPad accelerometer detects the way you move. It knows when you’re holding it vertically or horizontally and adjusts accordingly. And better yet, it never steps on your feet.

Print directly from your TouchPad, from anywhere with an internet connection. Just send an email to any select HP printer’s email address to print your work from the coffee shop across the street, or across the country.6 TouchPad brings the full power of HP’s printing over Wi-Fi capabilities to your fingertips. TouchPad can print to wireless enabled HP printers on a local Wi-Fi network or you can print to any ePrint enabled printer anywhere.1,3

Butler Service
Everyone needs a good assistant. That’s why you’ll get the free 90-day HP webOS Butler Service to help you navigate, organise, and transfer your content. 90 day 24×7 Free On-device and Desktop Chat Support subject to change without notice.