Here’s To Change: HTC One Max

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Expected Release End Of October 2013

Here’s To Change: HTC One Max
Lately it seems HTC constantly have something new under the wraps for us. With new promotional videos for mysterious devices doing rounds, should we be expecting a new device any time soon? Yes, we should.

There are rumours (and leaks, of course) of a yet another HTC device expected to be unveiled/announced/confirmed by September – perhaps at the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics, the IFA in Berlin.

Rumoured to be known as HTC One Max and expected to be a bigger better version of the popular HTC One, it will probably be to the HTC One what Sony Xperia Z Ultra is to the Xperia Z. Will it be a phablet? Not certain yet.

The rumoured specs include 5.9-inch screen and a 1080p resolution display – which does put it in the same league as the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 and Sony Xperia Z Ultra. There is also an expected appearance of 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 chipset and 64GB internal memory, though it is not clear yet if that will be expandable. Such tech specs also hint towards the presence of a 2GB RAM and of course with bigger a better battery needs to be in place – so perhaps a 3200mAh battery,

Leaked photos also show the alleged back of HTC One Max with a finger-print reader. Older photos and renders however did not include the supposed finger-print reader, so it’s hard to say at this point whether the photos are real or fake – or perhaps merely a prototype.



If the device really is unveiled at the upcoming IFA tech trade show in Berlin, there will be fierce competition in Q3 as far as smartphones, phablets and tablets are concerned at least. But hey, that means more options for Christmas so who are we to complain.

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