Expected Tomorrow HTC One (M8) – GLACIAL SILVER (SIM Free/Unlocked)

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The HTC One M8 boasts a curved, full metal body and a 5-Inch Full HD screen.  It features a Smart Sensor Hub and Motion Launch controls to make your life fairly simple. It comes equipped with the new Duo Camera technology and thanks to the HTC BoomSound, it creates powerful, crystal-clear sound.

Metal Body
The HTC One M8 boasts a bold, metal design with a metallic finish and features a round ergonomic shape which fits perfectly in your hand. It features Gorilla Glass 3 on the front of the handset so that your device is able to resist the deep scratches that weaken glass and a microSD slot into the design while the IR Blaster can be found on top of the smartphone along with the power key.

The New HTC One M8 features an outstanding 5-Inch Full HD Display allowing you to view pictures, movies and videos in vibrant colours.

Duo Camera
The HTC One M8 is the world’s first smartphone to feature 2 rear cameras. It features an Ultra Pixel Camera which allows you to capture more light rather than detail. It allows you to shoot sharp pictures even in dim light settings. It has a second rear camera which allows you to change the focal point or subject of your photo after shooting. It boasts a 5 megapixel front camera allowing you to take outstanding photos.

Panoramic Photo
The new HTC One M8 features a built-in panorama tool integrated in to the camera app. The Panoramic Mode allows you to stitch together a series of images to create one panoramic photo. Simply go to Photo Capture Mode and tap sweep panorama which will allow you to pan your smartphone slowly, capturing a succession of images. After you are finished, it will stitch all the images together to create one single photo.

You can bid farewell to blurry images thanks to the UFocus App. UFocus Mode allows you to switch the focal point or the subject of your image after shooting. In addition, it allows you to apply a blurred photographic effect behind the focal point of your image or allows you to bring blurry objects in to focus after your shoot.

Slow Motion Mode
Taking videos is even more exciting thanks to the Slow Motion Mode which allows you to slow down the action at the part you want which is ideal for highlighting an important moment or for fun. All this is done after recording the video, by changing the playback speed of selected sections or a specific section.

Dual Stereo Speakers
The HTC One M8 comes with dual front-facing dual stereo speakers. The Dual Speakers are extremely powerful, providing crystal-clear sound. These speakers are ideal for watching movies, videos and listening to music. 
Bass-To-Treble Balancing Software
This smartphone provides distortion-free, powerful and crystal-clear sound. It includes temperature sensing control which automatically lowers power to protect your speaker against damage. It promises the best possible sound you can get from a smartphone.

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Limited Stock HTC One Silver Glacial Silver EU spec comes supplied with UK adapter.