Expected In-Stock Tomorrow Huawei P9 32GB – Mystic Silver (SIM Free/Unlocked)

Buy Huawei P9 32GB – Mystic Silver (SIM Free/Unlocked)

huawei_p9_silverHuawei For Life
Huawei as always intrigues the users with competitive devices, and unique features and Huawei P9 is an addition to the league of top-line . Avid mobile phone users can completely forget the other manufacturers when they have Huawei P9 in Hand. The hardware as well as the software experience with this device delivers the earthy experience while combined with a heaven in itself.

Promising Battery & Stand-by
Huawei P9 houses a powerful powerhouse rated at 3,000mAh and it finds itself squeezed inside the P9 slender body. With the general office and domestic usage, the phone delivers full 2-day standby with a single charge, however with heavy usage and overly loaded with applications, the phone delivers a standby of 1 day and a half at the most. The phone is capable of efficient fast charging hosted via the USB Type-C port on the base of the Huawei P9. It sits next to one of two speakers on the P9, with the other located in the earpiece location, for stereo sound.

A Cellar & An Attic
The Huawei P9 brings a storage option that never ends. The amply large built-in storage, as well as the microSD slot allows to have a data warehouse in your hand. The addition to GB is never ending, and it eliminates the need to burden up yourself with the removable storage devices.

Main Features:

  • Impressive display with press touch technology
  • Crystal clear viewability angles
  • Extremely fast octa-core processor
  • Fairly large RAM and never ending storage options
  • Emotion user interface
  • Dual Cameras with clear picture output

Eight Horses & One Caboose
Huawei P9 packs an octa-core processor which runs the show, backed up by a sizable 3GB of RAM which promises a never ending boost as well as optimisation. For a device with such features the power has to come in with an efficient engine capable of driving the wagon no matter how overloaded it is with the passengers, and in the case Huawei P9, it is the applications of all the sizes and the processor is not afraid to handle them.

Blissful Viewability
Huawei has embedded ‘Press Touch’ into the 5.2-inch full HD screen on the Huawei P9, which a competitive technology being used by the other operators as well. The 3D is delivered as promised plus a press sensitive display, allows the users to perform additional functions depending on the level of pressure users apply to the screen. The display screen covers a quantum leap step if compared with other operators, especially with a diamond clear full HD resolution.

Physical Features
At just 6.98 mm thick it is thinner than majority of the flagship manufacturers with the rectangular and well-defined corners yet curvy enough to give a comfortable feel. The device only weighs 144g which means that Huawei P9 does not add bulk at all and it offers a single-handed steering capability with the compact design. The metal frame looks and feels premium, while a splash of glass on the rear is home to the phone’s dual 12MP cameras, laser autofocus, flash and Leica logo.

The Huawei P9 is an accomplished smartphone with an excellent feature set, impressive performance and a premium design in comparison to its competitors in the league. The phone is a mainstream player with impeccable performance and a design which arrest every individual’s attention in this age of smartphones. The product is competitively priced in comparison to all the hi-tech-gadgets in the market.