Coming Soon Samsung Galaxy Note 7 64GB, Black Oynx and Blue Coral (SIM Free/Unlocked) Exp Release Early Sept 2016

Coming Soon Samsung Galaxy Note 7 64GB, Black Oynx and Blue Coral (SIM Free/Unlocked)
Expected Release Early Sept 2016

note-7Handtec offers Samsung Galaxy Note 7 64GB Smartphone – Blue Coral (SIM Free/Unlocked) which is clearly a next-level device when it comes to specifications and performance, both.

Extreme Technology
With the Samsung Note 7, finished in Blue Coral colour, the specifications go beyond the expectations. The strikingly important features goes with the dual-curved screen and “Edge UX” software. The Galaxy Note 7 is equipped with a robust design and an IP68 water resistance rating. This ensures that Samsung Note 7 is immune from an unexpected contact with water.

Versatile Input
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 64GB Smartphone – Blue Coral (SIM Free/Unlocked) brings newer features and slimline fully revamped design delivering a premium look and feel when held in hand. It offers extended internal storage by default and further expandable up to 256GB. It is equipped with physical input aided with an improved S Pen, a completely fresh look in the software and an oft-rumored iris scanner all packed Samsung Note 7.

Curved & Responsive
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 64GB Smartphone – Blue Coral (SIM Free/Unlocked) is equipped with a single slab of curved glass at the front which gives it a catchy, and extravagant appearance. Unlike the competitors in the line, the Note 7’s rear perfectly mirrors the front, with an identical slab of curved glass wrapping around the back and sides to meet its twin, making for a more comfortable feel in the hands. The end result is a wonderfully rounded smartphone that almost feels pebble-like when you’re holding it, and its build quality feels as premium and as a well-made product in its own right.

Micro-Crystal Clear Camera Output
With the Galaxy Note 7 the camera performance is promising as well as it delivers consistently good photos whatever the scenario or the lighting arrangements be. Its 12MP primary camera effortlessly handles the most difficult challenges, from a lack of light to sudden movement. It is because the Dual Pixel Sensor works with a brighter F1.7 lens and larger 1.4µm pixels to capture images the way your own eyes do. The 5MP front camera delivers you the selfies which no other phone can.

S-Pen Input
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 64GB Smartphone – Blue Coral (SIM Free/Unlocked) is equipped with a physical input interface mechanism called the S-Pen, and the Note 7’s stylus is the most advanced one in comparison to all its competitors in range. It is more sensitive and has a finer tip, which results in a more natural writing and drawing experience. The S Pen has always allowed users to do more than doodle or take notes, but with Samsung Note 7, the device comes equipped with a pile of new tricks to take things to the next level. The S Pen itself is also IP68-rated, which means you can use it in the tub, though it will realistically come in more handy for tapping away at the screen in the rain.

Main Features:

  • The Note 7 comes with the best GIF-making implementation
  • The Note 7 lets you save/access images, files, contacts and apps in an encrypted ‘Secured Folder’ which only you can open via an iris scan
  • The S-Pen has been souped-up with translator abilities, just hover over any text on your screen to translate between 38 different languages
  • A new magnify tool to help you look at anything on your screen up to 300% the usual size
  • The Gorilla Glass 5 display is 1.8 times tougher able to withstand drops from shoulder height (or around 1.6 meters) onto concrete around 80% of the time
  • The Galaxy Note 7 comes the closest digital device to a real notepad
  • It features Type-C USB (with quick-charge support) and packs 64GB onboard storage for the base model, with microSD card support for up to 256GB of external memory


Premium Security Essentials

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 64GB Smartphone – Blue Coral (SIM Free/Unlocked) is loaded with the most effective and efficient security features. With the continued desire of users to keep their data, and sensitive information securely secure remains a top concern. With Samsung Note 7, multiple security essentials let you keep all the information private and protected with the most foolproof ways which go unhackable by any intruder or a trespasser.

Unlimited Entertainment Options
With Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the device is just not a device but an entertainment power-pack at all the times. The device kills the boredom whenever users want and especially when the users are on the go either frequently or intermittently. You will be short of time when exploring the entertainment option with Samsung Note 7 and option will always remain to be unwound. The Galaxy Note 7 is an ultimate entertainment device and provides seamless access to the most realistic HDR videos and the most visually intense Vulkan API games.

A Handheld Cinema
Watching a movie in a full high definition output is no more a dream when it comes to Samsung Galaxy Note 7. No matter where you are, either on your desk or in a train while travelling this handheld Samsung Note 7’s true cinema output will impress the users and will catch attention while making yourself a Samsung icon. With its premium-plus movies out and not even the slightest evidence of pixel-break on a gigantically large display screen. With the HDR video output, Galaxy Note7 is fully prepared to deliver the fantastic reality of the images with mobile HDR. Once you start watching, you’ll forget you were watching it on a smartphone.

Full-Spectrum HDR
With Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the screen resolution as well as the video output, goes HDR or High Dynamic Range which is a new ultra-realistic type of video. Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s impeccable HDR brings out the true light and contrast of the images. All the users will experience the whites more than whites, deeper blacks and detail of each video signal delivers incredible and superlatively tope-end detail. The world around will see exactly the same as a naked eye could witness.

Secure Accessibility
With the continued smartphone usage and multiple functions being held in a handheld devices security sustains to be a primary concern however equally it should not be a hassle either. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is equipped with the fingerprint sensor which lets you register your fingerprint. Secondary the conventional secure access via a user-customisable pattern is already built-in. The password or passcode access comes by default however the security enhancement comes with Iris Scanner security and accessibility essential. It is one of the safest and most convenient ways to keep the Galaxy Note 7 and its contents locked. To authenticate your iris, Galaxy Note7 relies on a highly advanced iris scanner that’s hidden within the phone’s slim body.

Pro Shoot & Pro Share
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 64GB Smartphone – Blue Coral (SIM Free/Unlocked) lets you have a full control of the shot, of the peace that settles over a city at night or the electric white of the breaking waves. Users can simply turn on Pro mode to manually tweak the settings. Additionally, the freedom goes in the hands of users to adjust the aperture as well as the white balance. This Pro mode transforms your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 into a professional camera.

Pro Mode
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 interface displays an icon of Galaxy Note7 camera pro mode. The ISO mode complements the light adjustment and the amount of light detected by the image sensor. The exposure mode lets the user control the light and the colour tone lets the user adjust the colour temperature while taking the photo shoots or the video output. The most striking feature is the adjustable focal length which lets you adjust the distance between lens and subject for clearer images.

Battery Powerhouse
With Samsung Galaxy Note 7, as the productivity, features, technology, and versatility go beyond the normal level smartphones. To support all such features, a 3500mAh battery is what phone is equipped with. Additionally, the fast charging capability amplifies the true Samsung experience. Galaxy Note7 is equipped with the same wireless charging technology found in our recent Galaxy phones. Because once you’ve had wireless charging, there’s no going back.

Magnify anything
Within the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Via the same menu, you can activate a new magnify tool to help you look at anything on your screen up to 300% the usual size. It is aptly useful if you have eyesight issues or simply are trying to zoom in on an image with tiny text.

Resilient body
Galaxy Note 7 offers quite an impression when it comes to the touchscreen which offers a resilient and robust interface. One of the quieter hardware updates on the Note 7 is implementing a much more resilient screen. The Gorilla Glass 5 display is supposed to be 1.8 times tougher than its predecessor, able to withstand drops from shoulder height (or around 1.6 meters) onto concrete around 80 percent of the time.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is truly a solo stand-out, industry-leading device that blows the doors off of everything else with more features, power and appeal than the competition. Referring to specifications, platforms standpoint, it makes a whole lot of sense for Samsung to deliver a premium core of specs, features and design in the device. At the baseline, it is a fantastic phone with larger curved display and bigger battery, more storage, an S Pen and new software features on the Galaxy Note 7.