Coming Soon Fairphone 2 Dual SIM 32GB, (SIM Free/Unlocked)

Taking Pre-Order Fairphone 2 Dual SIM 32GB
(SIM Free/Unlocked) From Only £399.00 (inc vat £478.80)

fair-phone_bannerAmong the race of the smartphones, Fairphone 2 joins to win the challenge. It truly changes the way smartphones are thought about, manufactured and repaired, and its built on materials made from ethical sources. The Fairphone 2 Modular design makes it easily repairable, and carries perfect specifications to deliver the best to the users. It carries a impressive design and a battery that delivers the performance.

Let Handtec be the source of Fairphone 2 and offer the users to try something different made from environmentally safe materials with a promising performance. The high-end specs will grip the attention and keep the users connected with each other.

Buy the Dual SIM Fairphone 2 from Handtec available in five variants (back covers). It is a high performing Android smartphone that is built for a long lasting use. The Fairphone 2 is an iconic development that is bringing a social change to the tech industry.

Operating System
Your Fairphone 2 features an easy to use Android 5.1 Lollipop. With your Lollipop Android you will be able to access Google apps and the Google Playstore.

Quick access
The user friendly interface will allow you to get quick access to the most used apps and contacts. Using the Fairphone it will not be difficult for you to use this smartphone

Now stay in control of your privacy 24/7. You can now check for permissions of apps the first time you open them and become aware of the amount of access you give to your apps.

Dual SIM
The Fairphone 2 is a dual sim device. You can keep 2 sims at the same time and keep your work life and private life separate by keeping 2 different numbers for work contacts and for private contacts.

Ample Storage space
Your Fairphone 2 offers 32GB of built in memory and allows you to expand up to 64GB. The additional microSD slot gives you the most of music, movies and games.

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