Buy MiPow PlayBulb Smart LED Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker – White/Silver From £29.99 (Inc vat £35.99)

MiPowMiPow PlayBulb Smart LED Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker – White/Silver (BTL-100S-WT-WW)

mipow_playbulb Buy MiPow PlayBulb Smart LED Bulb from handtec. MiPow PlayBulb is a Bluetooth Smart LED speaker light which allows you to combine your light with music and control both from your mobile device.

Fun with Utility
The MiPow smart speaker light bulb will add fun and utility to your home with warm light and rich-sounding music. It imitates a normal light bulb while integrating an LED light and wireless speaker.

Bluetooth Connectivity
Your PlayBulb takes advantage of the low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 standard to achieve real-time data transmission and play music smoothly. It includes two separate Bluetooth wireless chips, so that it can operate the light and play music simultaneously.

Main Features:
•Warm light with advance audio quality
•Compact appearance same as an ordinary light bulb
•LED Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth Smart speaker light
•Simply pair with Bluetooth on your mobile device
•Colour: White/Silver (BTL-100S-WT-WW)

PlayBulb supports most recent Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad devices and Android devices with Android 4.3 and above. After installing the app on your device, MiPow PlayBulb smart speaker light bulb can be remotely controlled.

MiPow App
You can download MiPow App from the App store and Google play, allowing you to change the light brightness and music operation.

Advanced Audio Quality
Your PlayBulb is not just a lightbulb, it is a premium wireless speaker with advanced acoustic technology that delivers clear and big sound beyond your imagination.