Bargain!! Apple Watch Sport 38mm Silver Aluminium Case – Green Sport Band From Only £199.99 (inc vat £239.88) Limited Offer!!

Buy Apple Watch Sport 38mm Silver Aluminium Case – Green Sport Band

38mm_green_sports_watch_1Designed to be Light and Strong
The aluminium used to manufacture your Apple Watch Sport 38mm Silver Aluminium Case is the new alloy of 7000 Series. It is 60% stronger than standard alloy. Despite being so strong it is very light weight. The display is covered by the Ion X-Glass which makes the watch upto 30% lighter than Apple’s stainless steel models. Moreover, it is pure and gives a consistent appearance that is difficult to achieve with traditional aluminium alloy.

Ion-X Glass Display
The aluminosilicate glass is used to keep the Apple Watch Sport as light weight as possible. It is also resistant to impacts and scratches. To create a layer tougher than the traditional glass, it is fortified at a molecular level through ion exchange with smaller ions being replaced by larger ones.

Bands – to keep up with an active lifestyle
The bands for your Apple Watch Sport 38mm Silver Aluminium Case are engineered to keep up with an active lifestyle. To make the sports band durable and strong yet soft, the sports band for your Apple Watch Sport is made from custom high-performance fluoroelastomer.The smooth, dense material feels comfortable next to your skin while draping elegantly on your wrist. For a clean fit your Apple Watch Sport 38mm Silver Aluminium Case has a pin and tuck closure.

Intuitive Interaction
The Apple Watch Sport 38mm Silver Aluminium Case is designed in a way that it is easy for you to interact with it. To make easy interaction with the Apple Watch Sport it contains new ways to select, navigate and input that are suitable for a device worn on the wrist. The result is a watch with the unique Apple experience.

Digital Crown
The Digital Crown on your Apple Watch Sport 38mm Silver Aluminium Case magnifies content on a small display. Turning on the Digital Crown will allow you to navigate precisely without hindering your view. The Digital Crown is a versatile tool that answers the question of how to magnify content on a small display.

Notifications! See and feel what’s next on your Schedule
The Apple Watch Sport can present time in a more personal way just by being connected to your Apple iPhone.With the one based around your daily schedule, you will receive notifications in real time for email, messages and calls. You can answer them or dismiss them instantly. A gentle tap will let you know the time and place of your next meeting. With the Apple Watch Sport your alerts are intimate rather than being immediate. A tap on the wrist will let you know when to tun left or right when you are on your way. Moreover, you can always swipe down to see any notifications that you may have missed.

Custom Heart Rate Sensor
The Apple Watch Sport is designed to perform through out the day, as the wrist is the most convenient place to collect data about your physical activity. During workout sessions the ceramic cover with Sapphire lens, protects a specially designed sensor that uses infra red and LED light and photodiodies to detect your heart rate. The Apple Watch Sport keeps a comprehensive picture of your work outs and daily activities. Moreover, it also suggests personal activity goals and reward you for personal reaching fitness milestones.